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Bedside Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema

Have a look at this article by Dr Barbic on diagnosing pulmonary edema with bedside ultrasound:

Medical Apps for the Emergency Department

Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) produces a segment called "Tech Tool Thursday". Have a look at their review of some of the best apps in 2014 for emergency physicians. also lists a variety of essential emergency medicine apps.

Ultrasound Fellowship

Dr. Oron Frenkel can be contacted for information regarding the ultrasound fellowship program offered at St. Paul's Hospital Emergency Department. 

Medical Apps for the Emergency Department

Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) produces a segment called " Tech Tool Thursday".  Have a look at their reviews of some of the best apps in 2014 for emergency physicians.

Weekly Reading List

The Weekly Reading List

... and we're back...

So, 2 months off for Summer, St Paul's Emergency Medicine Update, the birth of my second child.  Things have been quiet here, but not on the Webs.

At ICEM 2012, a group of EM and SoMe (Social Media) thought leaders put their heads together over a pint of Guiness (it was Dublin after all) to come up with the next step in Medical Education in the Wild West we call the Internet.  Thus was born FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation). This was 'shortened' to FOAMed. The goal was/is to provide a loose structure and enhanced usability to the array of EMCC (Emergency Medicine and Critical Care) blogs, podcasts, tools, and resources available on the Web, and to harness that bounty to improve Medical Education. Don't take my word for it, check out the originators:

The first 2 big tools to help harness all this are: - a Google Custom Search Engine (created by yours truly) that ONLY searches EMCC blogs, podcasts, tools and Journals. This is a good first filter, and if you don't find what you need, then you can resort to the full Google. - a realtime RSS feed of all the known EMCC blogs and podcasts.  You can visit the site to see the latest, or subscribe to their integrated, single stream RSS feed.

So, welcome to #FOAMed !

Okay, but what else happened?  Here is a smattering of other good stuff from the web:

Ultrasound for Subclavian Lines - you can do that?  Yes you can!

Dr Ves at CasesBlog points us to the new Guidelines for Management of Acute Bacterial Sinusitis (it's not sexy but it is important)

Does this overdose need dialysis? Review of Extracorporeal Removal Techniques for the Poisoned Patient

Urine Drug Screening - Useful? Part One focusses on Benzos, Part Two on Opiates.

Have you been given a Field Note by a FM resident? Want to know What's up?

Is that cut 'too old' to close? Are you sure? (Journal Link)

ENLS -Emergency Neurological Life Support (What to do in the first critical hour of a neurological emergency). This is a new 'Advanced Life Support' course, but the Protocols and the background info are FREE!  Yay FOAMed.

Erowid - more than anyone needs to know about Psychoactive substances... from a slightly different point of view.

Are you scared of CROCODILEs? A new approach to Pt Safety with Learners in the driver's seat.

Finally, this is just cool!

Enjoy the weekend.

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